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Gold Strike Mountain Farms Katahdin Sheep

Welcome to the home of Goldstrike Mountain Farms featuring our Top Bloodline Katahdin Hair Sheep, they are just terrific animals, being more parasite resistant and are super great mommies and have great feet, we have decided to continue our farming operations with these delightful animals after being goat farmers for 26 years


Welcome to the home of Goldstrike Mountain Farms Registered Top Bloodline Katahdin Hair Sheep and champion and Ennobled Bloodline Boer goats in Ohio, We have decided to continue our farming with the Registered Katahdin Hair Sheep, as they are more parasite resistant and are super great mothers and have great feet. Nestled in the hills of southeastern Ohio is our 300 plus acre family operation, consisting of 800 plus Katahdin Hair sheep along with our Great White Pyrenees guard dogs. Our site is a great place to find Registered Katahdin Sheep, Sheep, Hair Sheep, katahdin hair sheep, lambs, katahdin ewe lambs for sale in ohio, ewe lambs for sale, katahdin rams and ram lambs for sale in ohio, 100% Registered Katahdin Hair Sheep, Sheep for sale in ohio, great pyrenees puppies and great pyrenees dogs for sale in ohio, great pyrenees for sale in ohio, great pyrenees for sale and boer goats for sale, Registered Katahdin Sheep, Lambs  for Sale in Ohio, as well as in our neighboring states Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Also along with the sheep for sale we have great white Pyrenees dogs and puppies. Whether for a guard dog or pet these animals are out standing as a companion for both animals and humans.



For sale here at the farm in ohio 100% katahdin ewe lambs, we are taking orders for our spring crop of ewe lambs many to choose from place orders soon for best selection



100% Black katahdin rams available for sale also many other colors, as well as katahdin ram lambs available for sale



"CASH" picture below here is only 5 and 1/2 month of age, he is a great Ram, all the ewes love him, when we put him in the pasture for breeding the ewes come running to him and they all go through the field like a ball all completely around him they truly think he is the "MAN" they just love him and boy is he a ewe lamb producing ram, it truely amazing how many ewe lambs he produces to the ram lambs, its just unbelieveable, we just love our "Cash" and Bred to our Top Bloodline Ewes it produces fantastic lambs!!!!!!!!!


"CASH" what a ram at 5 and 1/2 months of age picture here, the Ewe's Think he is the Man!!!!!!!!




Registered Katahdin Lambs available early spring, Whites, Colors, Spots, and Blacks very hardy animals for sale now here at the farm !!!!!! 
We have 800 Registered Katahdin now and lambs arriving early spring, please email us to get added to our list for ewe lambs for sale this coming spring as they go fast.
Our goal is to have 1500 Ewes for Lambing.
Our Registered Katahdin Ewes and Rams Have A Coats, and Mostly RR, easy to take care of, great feet, more parasite resistant, easy in Lambing and all colors, whites, blacks, spots, reds, chocolates.
please check for sale pages for katahdin lambs for sale!!!!!!!
 They are ready for pick up!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful Ram Lamb!!!!!!Now accepting deposits for Ram and Ewe Lambs!!!!!!


Beautiful Black Ram!!!!!! Now accepting Orders for Rams and Ewe Lambs!!!!!!


Oh My Look at me!!!!!!!!!!


Can we come to your House to Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great pyrenees puppies also now available!!! check out for sale pages

we have puppies available now and ready to go!!!! check out for sale pages!!!!


new litter of great pyrenees now available

new litter of great pyrenees now available


Great Pyrenees Females Now availble to go!!!!!

beautiful pups ready to go!!!!


We see you!!!!!!!!!

We see you!!!!!!!!!


Taking Orders Now For Ewe Lambs and Ram Lamb for the 2016 spring season

We are taking orders now for ewe lambs as we will be only allotting so many available for sale get your orders in early for these  beautiful girls
We have beautiful rr ram lambs available now and spring

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We use this page to list our All Animals For Sale.
If you are interested in our All Animals for sale, Please fill out our contact form or send us an email.
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# 0 great pyrenees puppies new litter

Great Pyrenees Group

New litter great Pyrenees puppies now available 

# 0 great Pyrenees puppy 0108 !!!!!!

Great Pyrenees Group

Adorable female great pyrenees puppy!!!!!! i am for sale!!!!!!!

# 0 New Puppies!!!! Great

Great Pyrenees Group

Beautiful litter of Great Pyrenees puppies now available and ready to go we have been dewormed and had our 1st 5 way shots.

# 0 white ram lamb now available

Sheep Ram

Beautiful meaty 100% katahdin ram lamb out of our Cash Ram, he is available at this time ready to go

# 0 Black Lambs now available!!!!!!!

Sheep Group

We now have available ewe lambs and ram lambs,
look at our beautiful black rams available!!!!!

# 0 Black Ram Lamb available

Sheep Ram

Just Born new black ram lamb, 100% katahdin he's a beauty

# 0 Buffy Myotonic doeling

Myotonic Goat Group

Hi my name is Buffy but i am not the vampire killer, well that would just scare me stiff!!!!!!

# 0 Ginger myotonic doeling

Myotonic Goat Group

Hi my name is Ginger and boy do i have all the spice, look at me don't you think i am just so cute!!!!!!!

# 0 Juanita myotonic doeling!!!!

Myotonic Goat Group

Hi my name is Juanita if you want you can call me nita or just call me what you want i am loveable and for sale!!!!!

# 0 Lambs available for 4-h projects

Sheep Group

wethered lambs available for the 4 - h er's projects now available, several to choose from.

# 0 Male 4 month old Great Pyrenees!!!!! For Sale!!!!!

Great Pyrenees Group

# 0 Male 4 month old Great Pyrenees!!!!! For Sale!!!!! - Great Pyrenees Group

What a beautiful boy i am, can i come live with you!!!!!!

# 0 Moonspot Boer Buckling

Boer Goat Buck

Beautiful Moonspot Buckling is available for sale!!!!!!!

# 0 muffy myotonic doeling

Myotonic Goat Group

Another beautiful myotonic baby girl i am now available for you to buy!!!!!

# 0 myotonic babies!!!!

Myotonic Goat Group

# 0 myotonic babies!!!! - Myotonic Goat Group

# 0 myotonic babies!!!! - Myotonic Goat Group

This is a blue buckling now available!!!!!

# 0 myotonic babies!!!!!!!

Myotonic Goat Group

# 0 myotonic babies!!!!!!! - Myotonic Goat Group

# 0 myotonic babies!!!!!!! - Myotonic Goat Group

The myotonic babies are born and are up and at em!!!! now accepting deposits for them!!!!
all colors, blacks, whites, blues, tri colors, reds, browns, brown and blacks mix,
both doelings and bucklings available at this time!!!!!!

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Due to our location, we are able to offer All Animals for Sale to people in many states, including Ohio.


We will accept Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Bank Transfers via PAYPAL.

Gold Strike Boer Goats

Curt & Teresa Elliott
Lecta, OH 45678


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